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Dosing Pumps

Plate Heat Exchanger

Mechanical and Digital Dosing Pumps & Systems

Technical data
Capacity, Q: Upto max. 2000l/h,
Pressure P: Upto max. 200 bar
Liquid. temp.:Upto  max. 50°C

Injection of chemicals in water and waste water treatment systems,
washing systems, swimming pools and process plants

Features and benefits
• Precise capacity setting directly in ml or l     • Full diaphragm control      • Stroke speed or frequency capacity control      • Operation panel with display and one-touch buttons      • Front or side fitted  operation panel      • Manual/pulse control     • Control panel lock      • 4-20 mA control      • Pulse/timer based batch control      • Anti-cavitation function      • Easy calibration function      • Fieldbus       communication module (optional)      • Leakage sensor      • Sturdy design      • Stroke length capacity control      • Leakage-free 

Motor control option with display and one-touch buttons and following control options:
• Pulse control
• Pulse division/multiplication
• Analog 0/4-20 mA control
• Flameproof motors with Atex 94/9/EC* certificate