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Gasketed PHE

Plate Heat Exchanger

Gasketed plate heat exchanger (PHE) for quick and high efficiency heat transfer with flexibility in compact size. Can be manufactured from various plate and gasket materials suitable for industrial and corrosive applications.

Flow ranges: 10 – 4600m3/h

Working Pressure: Vaccum– 25 bar

Temperature range: -20°C – +180°C

Connections: DN25 – DN500 (Weld neck, flange, or threaded)

Applications: Gasketed PHEs provides excellent heat transfer in compact area. It can be used for a wide spectrum of applications inIndustries like Oil and Gas, Petrochemical Refineries HVAC, Chemical, Food and Beverages, Thermal Power, Hydro Power, Solar Power, Plastic, Machine Tools & Mechanical, Vegetable Oil, Pharmaceutical, Pulp and Paper, Sugar and Distilleries, Breweries, Hotel and many others.

Gasketed heat exchangers can be used almost for all heat transfer applications where gaskets are suitable with fluid and pressures.