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Panel Air conditioner


The control panels of most of the automated machines have highly sophisticated & sensitive electrical components such as drives, PLC’s, Thyristors, transformers etc, which generate heat. This heat is undesirable and can cause the components to fail if not removed from the cabinet. Further, the cabinet should also be dust free considering the safety of the components.

Two type of Panel AC are available depending upon installation requirement,  Panel mount type and Hose type Panel AC.

Technical data

ARH Offers Werner Finley make panel air conditioners which not only removes the heat from the cabinet but also keeps it dust free & protects against humidity. Over three decades of engineering experience, Werner Finley has optimised the design to suit varieties of requirements.

Werner Finley has also developed new range of inverter panel air conditioner to cater to varying conditions such as load & ambient, thus helping customers to save upto of 50% energy.

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